What is a zombie computer? Your computer is not a zombie? How to protect your computer from being zombie?

You have a good idea of “Zombie” if you watch Hollywood horror movies Zombie Land, Resident Evil, or Dead Snow. Zombies are mainly people infected with viruses who were once healthy people. According to the movie, they can infect any healthy person and kill people. Scientists create various viruses and create zombies for different purposes. Anyway, the zombie stoics on the screen of the movie are not interesting.

 zombie computer

Check your mail account now, see hundreds of spam mails in spam folders, maybe hundreds of spam mails that you receive every day. So where do you get these mails from? Do hackers sit down and manually send you hundreds of mails? Unfortunately, no! These tasks are done mostly using zombie computers. Hackers don’t have just one or two infected computers, a study has revealed— a hacker can control more than 1.5 million infected computers from just one computer.

In today’s article, we will learn how hackers can control your computer by making zombies, why they do this and how to protect your computer from this attack. So let’s start…

What is a zombie computer?

Zombie Computer

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Like in movies, I’m not talking about a computer that came back after death and is infecting the rest of the computers. Instead, zombie computers mean that computers are hijacked by viruses, malware, or Trojans and controlled by others. Maybe a single person is controlling your computer and maybe a team of hackers is controlling your computer. And the most dangerous thing is that you have little idea what to do with your computer.Many people think, Brother, I’m a person, what will someone do to attack or hack my computer? This kind of attack is not attacked by the person. Attacking one of your computers means that they have a soldier.

When hackers created a whole bunch of infected computers, it was called botnet. Only the commander of that botnet can command the zombie computers on that botnet, and these entire computers are controlled over the Internet. It is impossible to trace which computer is operating the botnet in this system. Most computer users may never know that their computer is committing someone else’s misdeeds.

Computer Hacking

You may be surprised to learn that most computer hacking is done by people who don’t have much knowledge of computer programs. They use many small programs to track down software errors that are installed on your computer operating system or computer and try to control your computer. These attackers are called crackers. Botnet investigators say the program of users is too sophisticated and many try to hack through other viruses. Crackers inject these viruses into your PC and turn them into zombie computers.

However, if hackers want to infect your computer, the virus software must be installed on your computer. They send spam mail to you, through the Pt. Network or through any Internet website to plant malware on your computer. Cracker changes the name and extension of its malicious software so that you can understand it is another software or work file. As you’ll be alert to all these attacks from the Internet, crackers will find new ways to infect you.

Sometimes you get a popup message when visiting a website or a webpage, sometimes it contains information about an offer and is asked to subscribe to mail. Each popup has a cross button or a consul button to cut it. Most of the time we click the Consul button, the cracker can hide the malware download link on this button and strategically download it to your system.

These malware files are usually in file format you know, usually image files or . MP4 or . PDF is in file. You will definitely open these files because they are in the familiar format. After opening, many computer antiviruses catch them – they survive immediately. But if they don’t get caught on their computer, nothing happens after they open it, they think the file was corrupted or there’s a problem with the file. This time the malware sits properly with the computer operating system and is connected to the AutoStart program, so that the malware will also be activated whenever you turn on the computer. Through the malware, the hacker takes control of your computer’s Internet traffic directly.

Thus, crackers attack hundreds or thousands of computers and create an army or botnet with all zombie computers.

How the botnet work?

You have a question in mind, “Well, what do crackers do by infecting these computers or creating botnets?” is a simple answer, just as the cracker tricked you into hijacking your computer, using your computer to make money. Crackers’ main task is to deceive more people in different ways. But the question is, how are these done?


Spam is really annoying. Fortunately, your email provider has a lot of advanced spam filters in the system. According to the FBI, most spam mails come from zombie computers. Spam mail is relatively easy to trace from a particular computer, but the crack**car uses a zombie computer as a proxy to send spam mail, while many send spam mail from the botnet, which is like finding a touch in the trayed straw. Millions of spam mails can be sent from a botnet simultaneously. Now the question is what is this spam mail? In fact, this is the weapon by which crackers spread their malware and make new computers zombies.

#Dids attack—

crackers use their botnets to attack a particular website or web server to down. Millions of mailies were sent from the division to the F.E.C. traffic server, which could not control the server and the website was shut down. Such an attack is called a deds attack. In different ways, crackers can use their botnets to perform a dids attack. Some of the didds are sent to the server by generators of a large amount of fece traffic from the attack bot to crash the server. Some of the attacks also send a large amount of email to the server using mail bombs to down the email server.

#Click Ford—Sometimes, the crack-clicking of the website uses the cracks botnet. You may be looking at different polls on the Internet website, voting on anything. The cracker can use his botnet to win any of the desired things in voting. Think again, you add to promote your site on a website and pay for the ad click. Now the website that runs the ad can send a red clicks to your ad using the botnet, which will help you earn money. There are also websites online that sell web traffic. You’ll definitely see ads on Facebook that will take more hits for this money on your website. So most of these sites use botnets to send traffic to your site.

Your computer is not a zombie, is it?

It’s not easy to answer this question. The Canona virus and malware are created in such a way that they are not detected. So even if your computer is a zombie, it’s a little difficult to catch it. But I’ve given you a few points below, you can check. If your computer’s behavior matches these points, your computer may have become a zombie.

  • Malware or viruses that will be installed on your system to make your computer zombies will use the processor and RAM of your system. So if you notice that your PC is slow working without doing anything or is always using 100% disk, memory, CPU, your computer may be affected.
  • Check the messages in your email account, if you think you sent a message to someone but you never typed it, your computer may have been infected.
  • The IP addresses of zombie computers are blacklisted. First go to Google and write “WHAT IS MY IP” — this is how you can find your IP address, then check if your IP is blacklisted from the link “http://whatismyipaddress.com/blacklist-check”. If blacklisted, your computer may be affected.
  • Because hackers control your computer over the Internet, keep an eye on your internet bandwidth, if you can see that your bandwidth is always being spent at high speeds, your computer may be controlled by hackers.

How to avoid being a zombie?

You must never want your computer to become a zombie. So you must protect it from being zombies, but how? No reason to worry, mate, I’m teaching you some best steps, you can be the most safe by doing these. And you can also follow all the tunes from TechHub’s security category, which will help you avoid various hacks or attacks.

#Antivirus must be necessary

You must practice best security to be safe, but good antivirus is essential. You can use good antiviruses like Eset, Quickhill, Bit Defender etc., but remember never use any antivirus versions. And if you can, stop using all software, so you can get infected first. If you use free versions of antiviruses like AVS or AVAST, keep them updated regularly and try and use a paid antivirus. Install a good spyware scanner along with antivirus. These scanners monitor internet traffic on your computer and warn you if you see anything suspicious. Of course keep up dating the anti-spyware program.

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#Use Firewall

Install a good firewall to protect your network. Keep the default firewall with your router, and update it as soon as the router’s firmware updates arrive. If you don’t use routers, use a good firewall on your computer, with many antiviruses now with the default firewall.

#Use Strong Password

I have written all the articles about computer security so far, and I have been asking them to use “powerful passwords” almost everywhere. Use passwords in any account that no one can easily guess and of course don’t use the same password in multiple places, with the password as long as you can. Use a good password manager to remember all passwords.

#What to do when zombie?

If your computer has already been infected or turned into a zombie computer, you must first consult a computer expert, if it is not possible, to scan your system with good quality antivirus and anti-malware, which will kill the malware that links between your computer and the cracker. If the virus is not detected, unfortunately your computer may need to install the hard drive format and the operating system again. Don’t forget to keep your data back here.

Last word

Your computer is definitely one of the most valuable computing divisions. Unfortunately, it’s worth the same to the hacker as you do. Good work on everything mentioned in this article can save my computer from being a zombie computer. Hopefully today’s tune will be of great use to each of your computer users. Don’t forget to comment on any of your questions below. Have I missed any security tips?


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