What is SQL? How does MySQL Database work in WordPress?

In this article, you will know what is Database? What is SQL? What is MySQL Database? And how wordpress and mysql database work together. With this, you will get to know a lot about WordPress and after knowing all this you will see it from a new perspective.

What is SQL?

The full form of SQL is Structured Query Language. This language is used to perform any operations on the database. To understand it well, you must first understand the database and queries.

What is a database?

First of all, you have to know what is Database:

Wikipedia said, “data stored on a computer system is called a computer database.” These data are collected by following a particular method. Based on these data, a question (curiosity) can be resolved quickly. A special computer language is used to ask questions. The data obtained as a solution to curiosity helps in making the right decisions. Computer programs that are used to store data on a computer, manage them (add data, modify, modify, etc.) and ask data-based questions are called database management systems (DBMS). “

So in this way a database is a system in which different types of data can be saved in different tables in the form of rows and columns, which can be fetched and also store data if needed in webpages. is. Now there are different types of Database, such as MySQL Database, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase etc.

What is Query in Database Systems?

When we perform any operations in the database, we can see the database in instructions form of queries. For example, when we have to store a data in the database, queries are done for it and when a data is to be fetched, from the database, it also gets queries.

What is MySQL? What is work in wordpress?

MySQL is a relational database management system so that we can create and manage databases. WordPress uses MySQL for database because MySQL is free and open-source software just like WordPress.

If you look at the classical way of installing WordPress on your web server or web hosting, first you have to create the database by going to the phpMyAdmin interface of MySQL and only then you can install WordPress.

The WordPress database looks like the following screenshot in MySQL’s phpMyAdmin interface:

This database has by default 12 tables as you can see in the screenshot. Each of these tables stores different information of WordPress.

For example I have given another screenshot below which is of a table named wp_posts, it contains data of all the posts you have written in wordpress.

To see this image well, click on it.

You will see that every post written on your WordPress blog will be in it, one by one in a row. If you look carefully, you will understand the meaning of each column and field. Like post_title has the title of your post and in post_content all the content of the post is in html form.

Similarly, if you store values ​​of different things in different fields. If you install additional plugins, they also create their own separate tables. This is why the count of tables in the database of different WordPress blogs varies.

In the root directory of WordPress, all php files in the folder wp-admin contain instructions on how to fetch the data from the database and finally how to display it as a webpage. In WordPress, images and other media based data databases do not have a store, instead a store named uploads is stored inside a folder with wp-content.

I hope you have learned a lot about WordPress and its database systems from this article. If you have interest about database systems, this is a very good thing, you can master this field by looking at the above video tutorials.


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