What is Encryption? How does encryption work?

Guys, you must have heard about this modern computing and encryption in the internet age. Whether it’s to secure your data and secure Gmail, Twitter, Facebook account and secure the data saved in a drop box or one drive or secure your phone’s text messages, encryption is essential in every case. What is this encryption in this post today? And I’m going to discuss in detail how it works. I hope you know a lot.

What is Encryption

What is Encryption?

See, encryption is not new. Not that we’ve been using this method for 2-3 years. We’ve been using it for a long time. Encryption is a method that allows you to send or store data to someone, in a state or form where you have created the data to be sent only to whom it can access it. And if you go to an unwanted person by mistake, he or she can’t find any data. This is the main mantra of Encryption. Let’s make things clearer by providing an example. Imagine that to create a common encryption, I would write “A” from “A,B, C, D” to “Z” as “B”, “B” as “C” and “C” as D. That’s how I’ll write the word I’m actually writing using the front letter. Now think I’m writing (“TECHUBS”), the word after encryption according to the above rules (“UFDIVCT”). Now that the code was created after encryption, if someone didn’t know That I used a front word to encrypt, it wouldn’t be possible to find the original word hidden inside it. And no one can de-code it.

So that was just a simple encryption. Now, what happens to “Key” if you need to get the original data out of this encryption? Key is that you have to make a character less than what is written. For example, the code says “U” but if you reduce a character from it or you come back, “T” will come from “F” and then you can finally get the original word. Now if I send this word to someone and the person has the correct key, he will be able to read it very easily. So this is a simple encryption and its key concept. Encryption has been in use for a long time. As the old world war was about, secret messages were sent through various encryption. But the method of encrypting in the computer world is a little bit of a mess, but the subject matter is the same.

Public Key Encryption


Now let’s talk about Encryption. This method is very common. And in most encryption cases, whether it’s email or a simple message or WhatsApp app encryption, public key encryption is used. What is this Public Key Encryption now? Think I’m a user and you’re a user. Each of us has two keys. I have two keys. One is the private key, which i have only one key and the other is my public key, which everyone has. And that’s what you’ll have. One will be private key, which will only be with you and the other will be the public key, which will be available to everyone. Now, again, what is Public Key or Private Key? See what private or public words mean. Key here means an encrypted data de-coding formula is in this key. This means that key describes how to make a message into an original message. Now let’s find out some important things about Public Key and Private Key.

Imagine you locked a message using a public key. So that message can only be opened with private key. Also, if you lock a message with a private key, it can only be opened using the public key. Before you can understand more details, insert this formula into your head.

Now imagine another user of mine should write a message saying “Hello.”. So what do I do, another user with the public key, (which is all) will encrypt my message with the public key and send it to him. The user will be able to open the message I sent only using his private key. Even if someone gets the message, he can’t open it. That’s exactly how I want to secure this message a little more and if I want to make sure I send the message (no public key is available to everyone, using it to send a message),

 First I’ll lock the message with the public key of the user I want to send, then the second time I’ll lock the message with my private key. When the message goes to the user, he will see that “Oh, this message is locked with a private key” then he will first unlock the message using my public key that is near him and then unlock the message completely using his own private key. Guys, the subject matter is a little bit of a hassle but I hope that if you wear this paragraph 2-3 times, all the objects will be clean like water. That is, the public key can be decrypted by the Encryption Private Key and by the Private Key. And it works on this formula. This key formula is used mainly for a data transmission. For example, your data is secureed using this method to log into an account or send messages to someone constantly.


But how is the data that is already stored secure? For example, you’ve uploaded many photos to Google Drive or Dropbox or your credit card information is saved on different websites. So the hass-table method is used to secure all these data. What is this hass table now? For example, my name is “Heart”. Now my name is saved on various websites. But if you save using the Hash Table method, my name will not be saved directly under the name “Tahmid Borhan”. Instead, it will be saved in a different way by getting a lot of text together. And it can be recovered by a key again. And its key is only with that website. So it’s impossible to de-coded these data in general. But still, in this science and technology age, there is nothing impsible. Experts are always concerned about how to get any information from anywhere. So there’s a race on both sides, security experts who think about making data more secure, and those who are D-code experts always try to find the error of encryption.

In general, these formulas of encryption are used more often. But most encryption formulas are used in public key encryption. Even the latest WhatsApp app’s end-to-end encryption method is a public key encryption. Where each user has two keys, where the public key is for everyone and the private key is for itself. Locking something using a public key will only open with your private key and a lock on the private key will only open it with the public key.

Last word

I hope you’re not only good at this post today, but you’re good. And you’ve learned a lot about encryption in simple language. There would be more detail, though. But I think you’ve learned all the basics through this discussion. You can tell me any questions about encryption in the comments. I think I deserve to be more shared today because I discussed one of the most important issues. So share as much as you can. Be good to all of you.


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