What is CC and BCC in the email?

What is CC and BCC in the email? How to use it

There are many websites on the internet to email. When you use any of the seats, email composites, these two options are definitely CC and BCC. Do you know what is the CC and BCC in the email compose form and what is it to him? In today’s article, you will be able to know about Cc and BCC completely.

Whether it’s Gmail or Outlook, Yahoo Mail or Webmail, every one of the platforms has been given CC and BCC options to do it. People come and why are they used and what is the use of it.

What is CC and BCC in the email?

CC and BCC are two fields that come to the use of email while composing.

The full form of CC is carbon copy and BCC’s full form is blind carbon copy.

What is the use of CC and BCC?

CC and BCC are both the same way that is used to send copies of additional logos when sending emails.

You can also send additional logos to many email ids in the To field of the same email.

What is the difference between CC and BCC?

When you send an email to someone in the CC by sending an email id, all the other people who have been mailed together look at the CC list.

In the same BCC, by writing an email to the person and sending the email along with the logo, the other person does not see the email id added in the BCC.

How To Use CC And BCC

When composing emails, the choice of CC and BCC is given on the right side of the form. As soon as you click into CC, an input box opens, in which you have to type an email id. Just like clicking on BCC, the input box of the box is added to the form in which you can write an email id.


You can use CC and BCC if you want, otherwise you can leave it without even sending the email without it. It is not mandatory to use email to send email.



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