Top 5 Bangladeshi Mobile Games

Technology Bangladesh is no longer backward the popularity of apps and games made by the talented young generation of the country is similar to foreign games or apps,
They are making these apps in mobile or PCs very much by their own purpose but there is no company to sponsor this sector in the country, due to the absence of marketing, these apps or games can not reach everyone, so the merit is not properly evaluated.
So let’s see that there are some mobile games made by youngsters of Bangladesh, which may be available for some time during the game, so do not hesitate to know about some apps,

Action Egg

The games made for Android and iPhone have been made for children, but for adults, this game has gained popularity. Action Egg is a defensive game where gamer will play as an egg. The background of the game is the science fiction genre. Some eggs were taken from the eggs. There they are experimented with different experiments. The gamer’s job is to safely run away from it with everyone. Although the game was a bit straightforward, the game has been gradually made difficult. The gamer will have to deal with many problems at different times. There is a lot of power in the game that can patch gamer in apps. If you play well, they will get free as a reward. There are also many different ways available every day. It is a game of play with a tap. First of all, tutorials are shown for gamblers. In 2012, the company named Baz Bangla opened the game.

Heroes Of 71

There is hardly a person who did not listen to the name of Heroes of 71 while playing the Android, Victory Day was the release of the game created in the background of great liberation war. This game, produced by some students of BUET and Dhaka University, is published in the banner of Portables Company.

Highway Chess

Rice Up Labs is one of the popular game making companies of Bangladesh. Highway Chess is a game made by them. ‘Highway Chess’ game is specially designed for action and shooting fans. A sniper in the gamer’s role in the game Whose job is to fire a helicopter in a set time and destroy the thief’s car. As well as pedestrians and ordinary cars do not hurt, it is also noticed.
Ashraful Azad said the ‘Highway Ches’ game has been made suitable for all the small and large people. A fun game to spend time. Keeping in mind the domestic and international markets, the game has excellent sound effects, attractive graphics and points. By earning points, you can unlock various steps of the gamer game. A team with a long time worked to create the game.

Tap Tap Ants

Game of the game introduced to the chest of the game, it will have some food in the bottom of the screen, and he will have to eat the food and hungry ants around the screen. The gamer’s work-touching the screen, crushing each ankle and protecting food from the ants. It has four game modes; Especially for kids, Kid mode – something that is made by cartoonist. Various types of ants are seen in this game as well as diversity in their activities. Game contains monsters or monster ants, whose one bite can be over the game. As time goes by, the number of ants will continue to grow. Apart from this, the game has different backgrounds, music and more features. Among the games of Bangladesh, it has the most downloads and international rewards and holds it.

Mukti Camp

Same like heroes of 71


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