Top 10 Ways to Increase Brain Power

Top 10 Ways to Increase Brain Power

“Let’s cook something today!”; “I forgot to bring the shopping bag with me when I came to the market.” We often get into trouble because of such mistakes from time to time.

But you know what? There are some methods that help increase the capacity of your brain. Let’s find out now.

Top 10 Ways

1. Exercise

The body is intimately involved with your mind. In different cases it has been found that the brain capacity is maximal 30-60 minutes after exercise. Exercise releases a hormone called endorphins that help keep our brain fresh.

2. Hydration

It is important to keep the body hydrated to keep the body functioning, not just the brain. Drink enough water regularly.

3. Food

There are some foods that help increase the capacity of your brain. Such as- banana, dark chocolate, spinach, green vegetables, nuts etc.

4. Sleep

The body as well as the mind needs rest. So get enough sleep regularly every day. Then the brain will be active.

5. Don’t worry and smile

When we are anxious, our body cannot function properly. It also causes the body to secrete various harmful hormones that harm our body and mind. So stay calm to keep the brain functioning normal.

Laughing also increases the secretion of hormones called endorphins in our body which increases the capacity of our brain.

6. Read books

Although reading a book is a very fun job, many people are not interested in it. Reading books or anything else also increases the efficiency of the brain.

7. Break the routine

If you feel that your life has become boring, change your routine. If you go on a monotonous routine, the brain also becomes monotonous. As a result, it loses the ability to do something new.

8. Listen to the song

Studies have shown that the easiest and most effective way to increase brain power is to listen to music. Music increases the efficiency of certain areas of your brain. People also do different things while listening to music which increases the efficiency of your brain.

9. Write by hand

It goes without saying that there is no habit of handwriting in the modern age. When you write by hand, several parts of your brain work at the same time which helps to increase the efficiency of your brain.

10. Sexual intercourse

Many may think that sexual intercourse is only a means of reproduction. But it can also increase the efficiency of your brain. During sex, our body secretes hormones called serotonin and oxytocin, which help increase the efficiency of our brain.

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