Top 10 Computer Tricks in 2019

Top 10 Computer Tricks in 2019

Hello friends, today I will be in Top 10 computer tricks. If you also agree keeping that there is no reason to worry about the fact that you should read this stomach till then.

  1. Change Password

You are thinking, what is the big thing to do. Nobody can do this.

You can change password by clicking on Control Penal and clicking on the user account.

It is not necessary to create a new password, without the old password, you can sign the new password. If i

Since you create a new password, create a new password, you will think it is a little bit difficult to do this.

Imagine that your friend has given you a hidden top. You no longer have a password

And you have to make that lap top-minded password so how do you do it? Today I will tell you how

You can create a new password by creating a new password.

  1. For this first of all, you have to open the command prompt in your computer. Yen command You have to open prompt by Run as administrator. For this you have to command prompt But right click on
  2. After you open the command prompt, you have to type here the net user, after that you have to type Wherever the account is, it will be here.
  3. Now you have to type the net user, then leave the space and you have to type the account name. After that the passwords you want to set except by leaving the paces and press enter.
  4. After you hit Enter, you will see the command completed successfully. Whose
  5. Meaning your password is changed.

2.The Task Manager

You will get to task manager by pressing the supplemental window + R button Or ctrl + alt + del button. And click on the fur manager. But this work gets a little longer. There is a shortcut key to open the task manager. You can also press Ctrl + Shift + Esc button on your keyboard

After that it will be your task manager.

3.Block A Website

If you have an address and your company or friend is at the top of your left or your tutor If this is to be known, how to lock the website.

Lets Lock website,Now follow the instructions

1.For this, first of all, by pressing the top window + R button on your top or bottom

Type % windir% \ system32 \ drives \ etc and press Enter

  1. After that you will see a file named hosts. You have to open it notepad.
  2. After this you have to come down with the scroll down. Here you see a Local IP as Will give Now you have to copy this IP address and make a nappypat. If the above IP is 0.1 you have to type 0.2 to do something like this followed by 0.3 and 0.4.
  3. After typing the IP, you have to leave the page and type the url of the website like Something like this is Now save the file.
  4. After this your website may be locked. If you want to unlock this website
  5. So you have to save the file by deleting this IP address and url.

4.Hide File and Folder

If there is any private file or footer in your system and you want to hide it,It is perfect for you to not have any online or offline software for this. For the first time, you want to hide the file or the fodder by right clicking on it.

Open its properties. Then click on the hide and ok. Now your file

If you want to unhide this file, then go to again properties and go to File

unlocked To view this locked file: –

If you have Windows 7, then organize – folder and search options

view – don’t show hidden files, folder, or drives show hidden files, folders and drivers If you have Windows 8 ,views – hidden

5. Hide A Drive Partition

If you have a partition like A, B, C, there is no private data that you do not have to do anymore .You do not want to hide your file and footer one by one. the drive can hide the partition.

  • For this, first you have to press the windows + R button.
  • After that, type gpedit.msc and press Enter
  • After this, the local computer policy will be opened. Now you have one of the windows components here the ocean will look. You have to open it.
  • After this, open the file explorer
  • You now have a file here.Double click on file to open
  • After that you have to click Enable and by clicking Restrict all drives,You want to hide, it has to be select and click OK.

Now you have missed the driveway. Now if you want to unhide this drive,

This method is to be overlaid and enable to be disabled and click on OK. From it

This drive will be unhide.

  1. Encrypt File and Folder

If there is some private file or data in your top or computer, you don’t want anyone use this data like folder and files you need to Encrypt File and folder

It will be able to access this file without you accessing it. It also does not allow you to suspend the file and your file will not be able to copy any files.

For this, you have to write right on your file or folder, anytime you want to eip.

By clicking you have to open its properties and click on Advanced. Now you here

Encrpt contents to see the ocean of data. You have to click on it and click on ok

is. After that your file has been hit. Now if you even copy this file, it will be

The file will not be accessible by accessing your computer.

8.Unblocking the Website

If you are a Toodle and any of your dating sites have been locked in any of the web sites and you are not able to unlock it, you will find it hard to work.

For this, you have to open proxysite in any of your top or any top of the browser.

You can also customize the site and you can check the website here. Value Your Container

If the website is locked, you can check the websbook website from here

Bypasses it.

9.Knowing the IP Address of Website

If you want to know the IP of any website, then you can get the IP of any of this website

You can also find out that with this IP you can also open any other locked website.

For this, you have to open the command prompt in your computer and type it here ping and pace

Skipping the website is like typing ping and press Enter . After this

The IP address of the web site will come out here.

10. Find out WiFi information

Everybody is working too hard, because of the fact that you can get a copy of your computer or internet connection.

Just as his IP address can be such a DNA, it is possible to know something else with just a command.

For this you have to open the command prompt in your computer and type ipconfig / all and enter After that, the WiFi or Internet connection that comes to know about your website.


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