The Causes of High Blood Pressure?

The Causes of High Blood Pressure?

Suddenly the body feels bad. Chest throbbing or dizziness. He had his blood pressure checked from a shop next to his house. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Can’t think why high blood pressure? You think you are not that old yet. In fact, many of us may not know that anyone of any age can have high blood pressure. A middle-aged person may have high blood pressure and an older person may also have high blood pressure. The idea that high blood pressure will only occur with age is not correct.

Let us know some information about high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is now known as the ‘silent killer’. If the blood pressure is 140/90 mm Hg or more then this condition is called high blood pressure.

There are some special causes of high blood pressure that you can easily prevent this physical problem if you know.


If any member of your family has high blood pressure, you may also have this problem.


One of the causes of high blood pressure is smoking. Tobacco causes a variety of toxins in the body of smokers. This results in various physical problems including high blood pressure.

Eating extra salt

Do you eat extra salt in your diet? This bad habit causes serious damage to your body. You know what? The sodium in dietary salt increases the water content of the blood. As a result, blood pressure also increases.

Excess weight or obesity

Body weight can increase if you do not exercise regularly. Overweight people have to have a very active heart. This is why people who are overweight tend to have high blood pressure.

Excess oil, fat and fried foods

Eating extra fatty foods such as meat, butter, ghee, cheese, egg yolks, liver and a variety of fried foods that are deep-fried increase cholesterol in the blood. As a result, the walls of blood vessels become thick and hard. This also increases blood pressure.

Excessive drinking

People who regularly drink excessively have higher blood pressure.


If a person has diabetes for a long time, he is prone to high blood pressure.


Excessive anger, excitement, fear and stress can also cause blood pressure to rise for a short period of time. High blood pressure can also be caused by taking birth control pills for a long time, taking steroid hormones and taking some painkillers.

Many people do not have any symptoms at the beginning of this problem. High blood pressure can be diagnosed if you seek medical help for routine checkups or any other reason.

However, in some cases, some symptoms may occur. E.g.

  • Headache
  • There may be pain in the back of the head
  • The pain intensifies in the morning and during walking
  • In some cases the head may feel hot
  • Sleep is not good
  • Chest pressure is felt
  • Chest throbbing
  • Difficulty or blurred vision
  • The mood is always irritable

How to control high blood pressure?

Garlic: Garlic is a very effective ingredient in controlling high blood pressure It is possible to control blood pressure by chewing a clove of garlic on an empty stomach in the morning

Onions: Onions are very important in enhancing the taste of food. It is not less important in controlling blood pressure High blood pressure can be easily reduced by mixing equal parts of onion paste and honey in two teaspoons daily.

Neem and Tulsi: Two leaves of neem and two leaves of tulsi mixed with a small amount of water every day will lower blood pressure. If you take the mixture on an empty stomach for a week, you will get excellent results

Coconut water: Coconut water plays an effective role in controlling high blood pressure. So it is possible to control blood pressure by drinking a glass of coconut water every day.

The following can be done to prevent high blood pressure.

Body weight should be kept normal

Do you eat whatever you like? Avoid this bad habit. Exercise regularly. It is not right to lose weight by taking medicine. Walk at least 20-30 minutes every day. This will reduce the amount of excess fat and fat in your body.

Caution in case of eating habits

Excess oil-fat foods should be avoided. Vegetables and fibrous foods should be included in the daily food list. In addition, calcium-rich foods such as milk, lamb, small fish, onions should be eaten more.

Use moderate amount of salt

It is not advisable to add extra salt to the curry in addition to the required salt. The habit of eating raw salt with food should be avoided.

Abstinence from smoking and alcohol

To prevent high blood pressure, you must avoid any kind of intoxicants. Even smokers should stay away from contact. Tobacco leaves, Jordan, rose planting etc. should also be avoided.

Diabetes control:

To prevent high blood pressure, diabetic patients need to lead an orderly life and take regular medication.

Stay stress free and worry free

Regular rest, timely sleep, drinking moderate amounts of water, not taking on extra work stress, etc. can help keep you stress free. Stress and anxiety are one of the causes of high blood pressure.

Regular blood pressure test

Blood pressure should be checked regularly on the advice of a doctor.

A little awareness can save you from serious problems like high blood pressure. So be aware of this yourself and make someone else aware.


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