Why does the smartphone get so hot? Is it normal? Find solution

These days, on almost all phones, whether it’s Android or Apple or Windows phones, it’s cheap or expensive. One problem, however, is the overheating. If there is any such problem with your phone, this tune is for you today. Today I will discuss a number of issues, such as why smartphones get so hot? Is it normal to heat up a smartphone? And how to protect your smartphone from overheating?

smartphone get so hot?

Reasons for smartphone overheating

Look, if you talk about getting hot, you have to say that every electronic device or machine is hot. For example, your car, computer etc. are not all that hot. Water is poured to keep the car cool, the fan is used to keep the computer cool and it has heatshield inside. So, you can say that it gets heated because of the fact that the smartphone is an electronic device. I’ll tell you everything. So let’s find out why the smartphone is too hot.

  • Processor: The first thing that is responsible for the smartphone’s heat is the processor. The processor is the main component of your phone. That your phone does every job. Whether you use the phone or not, the processor is always running and working. And this processor is made with half-carrying materials. And it has a lot of small electrons. When the processor works, these electrons run from one place to another.) And during this run, the electrons collide and produce heat. That is, the more your processor works, the more heat and more production it produces. If you work less, like just talking on the phone, or listening to music, your phone will be less hot. But think you’re playing games and downloading files from the Internet together, but naturally your phone’s processor needs to work more and that’s gonna get more hot on your smartphone. Whose smartphones are getting sour day after day. Now the heat generated by the processor cannot come out because your phone is ticking. And it will be noticed that your phone’s processor is attached to the phone body, which makes it feel very hot and very hot.
  • Over loading:I said before that if you load too much, your phone will be faster and more hot. Your phone will be less hot in the short est, like talking on the phone, Playing games sending SMS or listening to music. But when you do a lot of work together or do something big, your phone will be too loaded and the smartphone will be overheated.
  • Battery: Smartphones are getting smoother day by day. But battery technology is not making much progress. Then the phone is too smart and the equipment doesn’t have much distance between each other. The battery is less hot when charging or discharging. And the battery heats up and your smartphone gets too hot because of the lack of distance between each other.
  • The temperature: The smartphone is too hot, another big reason for it to be but the temperature can be the best. In general, during summer, the temperature in Bangladesh is 35-45 degrees Celsius. In this environment, you are sitting at home but the temperature on your side is about 35-36 degrees Celsius. And if you use a smartphone in this heat, it will get warmer and faster.
  • Weak network signal: Think you’re in a place where the network signal is very weak. Or your WiFi signal is coming from your smartphone. In this case, your smartphone charges more. To get a weak network signal, your phone uses more power in Antenna to get a good signal. This makes the smartphone’s processor work a lot more. And the smartphone gets too hot.

How hot is normal and how hot it is      

Let’s talk about the normal and unusual heat of smartphones. Your smartphone can heat up to 35-47 degrees Celsius while working normally. And believe it’s not just your phone, but everyone’s hot. It’s not even right to think that your phone is getting too hot because it’s less expensive. Say Samsung and Apple, all phones are hot.But yes, if you notice that your phone is always heating up to 35-47 degrees Celsius. Even when your phone is in stand-by mode, your phone is in trouble.

What can be the problem with the smartphone being too hot?

  • Performance reduction: Your phone’s performance may decrease when your smartphone is too hot. See, the processor of the smartphone is designed to reduce the work when it gets too hot, so that it can cool down. And your smartphone’s performance may decrease to reduce the processor’s automatic functioning.

How to prevent smartphones from getting too hot

Smartphones can’t work much or play more games, it’s not really that. Keep up dating software on your phone if you want to keep your smartphone from getting too hot. Sometimes the phone’s software and hardware are used to keep the company in common. Watch out. Check regularly to see which apps are taking more space in the background. He’s temporarily closed the apps.


I hope you enjoy edited this tune today. If you have any other reasons for the smartphone being too hot or how to keep the smartphone from getting too hot, please comment to me and tell me.


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