Setup Kali Linux On Mobile

Hacker / cyber security experts mostly use the Kali Linux operating system for their work. This is a very popular operating system.

You can use this operating system on Android smartphones.

  • Terms and Conditions for Setting Ink Linux on Mobile …

**100% charged Android phone.

**Good internet connection [For downloading ink linux]

**Root Permissions.

**At least 5 GB of free space.

 Download Linux from the Play Store.
Linux Deploy
Then it has to be converted to Kali Linux. The quote option is only available after downloading Linux.
Then click on the install button.
Must have good internet connection. It takes 5 minutes to have a good internet connection.
Then download the VNC VIEWER app from the Google play store.

Link: VNC Viewer

Once installed, go to the VNC viewer app and click the connect button. Clicking on Kali Linux will start.


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