Privacy Policy

Through this Privacy Policy, you will be able to better understand our policies regarding the management and privacy of information provided to users.

All of the rules set out in our Privacy Policy apply collectively to our website and mobile applications. Downloading our mobile application, using the website and providing us with the information you need ensures that you are aware of our terms and conditions. You are therefore requested to read our Privacy Policy carefully.

Methods of data collection and use


We will send one or more cookies to your computer or mobile when you use our website and mobile application. We use these cookies to improve the quality of our services, determine your location, the content of your search, and what you prioritize. We need this information to serve you uninterruptedly.

Personal information

You may need to provide your name, personal information and e-mail ID when you sign up for our website. We will analyze your personal and health information later to maintain quality of service. We will let you know if there are any changes to our Services and Privacy Policy. Your personal information will never be disclosed to any other person or organization without your permission.

Health information

When you receive our services, your disease, symptoms, age, gender, weight, past medical treatment and other necessary information will be stored on our server. This information will then be used to provide you with appropriate healthcare. This information may be provided to various media and healthcare providers contracted with us without mentioning your name. The information will be used and provided in such a way that your identity is kept completely confidential. Your personal information will be linked to your health information so that the information is consistent, and you can understand when and how often you have used our website.

Website means of communication with users

When you contact us by e-mail or in any other way, we will store some information so that you can provide the right service according to your needs later. Your e-mail ID may be used to inform us about our services.

Policies for changing or removing information

If you wish to change your information stored on our system, please use the specific form provided on our website and mobile application. If you wish to remove data from our system, go to the “Contact Us” section and follow the removal instructions. We always try to reply to your e-mail within 48 hours, but it may not always be possible.

Policies for sharing your information with other organizations or individuals

We provide the information you provide to others based on the following terms and conditions:

Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other person or organization without your consent. In this case, your full consent will be given priority.

We consider it necessary to provide the information you provide to any other person or organization for the following reasons:

To adopt government policy properly.

Application of various conditions and prevention of the possibility of breaking the law.

Cybercrime detection and prevention.

Protecting security, property and rights.

If we partner with or move to another organization, you will be notified of the security and privacy of your personal information.


Our Privacy Policy does not assume responsibility for third party and all related activities. Links to the products or software of any organization posted on our website do not indicate the promotion of that organization.

Legal system

Health-book pages are operated from Bangladesh. All personal and health information on this website is analyzed and used in accordance with the laws of the Government of Bangladesh. In this case, the law of any other country does not apply. We do not guarantee that the service offered through our website is acceptable in any other country. Users of this website accept the service at their own risk in compliance with all laws and regulations. The use of our website and the provision of personal information prove that the user has full support of the laws and regulations of Bangladesh. If a person residing outside Bangladesh uses our website, he or she must consider the differences between the information management laws in Bangladesh and the country in which he or she resides.