How to unlock a locked sim? Unlock sim card easily

What is a SIM Card Lock?

First of all, we know what a SIM card lock is, SIM card lock is a very important security feature that you can easily find within all mobile phones under the security option, with the help of this option, you can use your SIM  You can make the card password protected, that is, you can put a password in your SIM card, with the help of this, no one can use your SIM without a password.  So that is often put locked SIM card then put in any phone to the SIM and phone whenever Switch On (Switch on) will agree SIM password on your phone (Enter sim pin) |  Which is the default password of all mobile network SIM’s four digits, you can also change it according to yourself.

 If you know the password of the SIM, then only you can use this SIM or else you cannot use it.  But here, if you enter wrong password 3 times, after this, your SIM card will be locked and you will be asked for a PUK Code, which is designed for the security of the SIM card.

 In this way, you can protect your SIM card by locking in your SIM, if your mobile is stolen or the SIM card falls, in such a situation, if your SIM is locked then any one of your SIM is wrong.  Can not use because to use the SIM card, he will need the password that is in the SIM card, which you only know.  In such a situation SIM card lock option is very good for you.

What is Puck Code?)

PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) is a code which is also called as PUK Code or PUK Code. It is a feature code that protects your SIM card which has 8 digits which allows you to use your SIM card as well.  Are received.  This code is asked in your mobile phone when you have a SIM card PIN in your mobile phone.  When you enter the wrong PIN code 3 times, you are asked for the Puck code, thus it is used to unblock your SIM card. If you type the PUK code incorrectly many times, then your SIM card gets blocked forever, after that you cannot use it.

How to know PUK Code?

So to find the PUK code for your SIM card, you will have to call Customer Care and they will have to give you some information.  After receiving information like SIM card number, SIM card serial number, address etc., Customer Care will give you your PUK code.

 So now you must have understood why SIM card lock is used, so now we will know how to lock SIM card?

How to Lock SIM Card

There is an option to lock the SIM card in all mobiles, whether it is a keypad mobile or Android smartphone, the option to lock the SIM remains in the settings of the mobile, but the method of locking the SIM card varies from mobile to company. Can be

  • First of all, click on your mobile’s Settings option.
  • After this you click on Security.
  • After coming to the security of mobile, here you will see the option of SIM card lock. If you do not get the option of SIM card lock inside security, then you have to click on other security settings
  • Then click on Set Up Sim Card Lock.
  • After clicking on the Lock SIM card, if you have more than one SIM in your mobile, then you have to select the SIM, select the SIM on which you want to lock it.
  • After selecting the SIM, click on the button, which appears in front of the Lock Sim Card, then a pop up window will open, enter the SIM lock code and then click on the Ok button.

In this way, you can put password in your SIM and keep the SIM card safe.

How to Unlock SIM Card?

After locking the sim if you want to remove the lock from the sim card

  • First Go to Mobile Setting
  • After this, select the Security option.
  • After going to security, put a SIM lock, similarly you have to go there and turn it off.
  • You will be asked for the SIM code at the time of off, so enter the code which you have entered while putting the SIM lock and then OK.
  • After that the lock will be removed from your sim.


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