Enhancing Android Phone Speed

Many of the Android operating system-powered smartphones are now used. But many users are still unknown to many Android operating systems. For your Android-powered device, Time Magazine’s tech-savvy site Tekland has given a lot of suggestions in a recent report. In the light of that report, the main board of this year with 14 important suggestions for Android users.

Use the home screen to decorate widgets

The Smartphone Home screen can be sorted using widgets very easily. To use the widget to decorate the home screen, select the option from the main app launcher. You can use the widget to bring your favorite items to your home screen. This allows you to easily customize your smartphone as desired.

Keep the required number in the widget

Keep the number of the necessary ones in a widget. You do not have to go to the search option to find the number at the moment. You can call directly from the home screen. To keep numbers in widgets, turn on your home screen and turn the default Shortcut widget to the widget. Then select Person that you want to keep the number.

Stream music content through Google Play

Use Google Play to listen to music. Because Google Play will give you the opportunity to listen to numerous songs and keep them on your play list. Google Play has the opportunity to listen to the favorite songs even when they are offline.

Keep running automatic updates

Turn on automatic updates to your Android phone’s apps. This allows you to enjoy the latest services of apps easily. To turn on automatic updates, you’ll find a box called ‘Auto Update App’ in the Settings option on the phone. Turn auto update from here.

Use Google Chrome as a browser
Generally, almost all Android phones have Google Chrome as the default browser. If you have any other default browser on your Android phone then change it. The browser can be downloaded from Google Play. Google Chrome browser is easy and fast If you use Google Chrome on your computer, your bookmark pages will automatically be added to Chrome’s mobile app.
You can read sms on computer
On Android phones, a number of third-party software allows users to read text messages or sms on a computer. Messages can also be answered directly from the computer. Using these apps, you can read the messages you get on the phone. Time Magazine has suggested to use the ‘MyTitText’ app about this app. The app can be collected from the website of Mytext.
Use the ‘share’ application
There are several apps on the Android phone that share options. An app is shared with another app through shares. For example, the text written in your message option will automatically post to your favorite social network. This allows you to post without leaving the site. This way you can save time by continuing the share option, valuable time.
Download the map
Download map for offline use. It does not have to worry if there is an internet service problem, no problem. Do not even start an internet service to find out where to go or to find a place. To do this, go to the Mobile Map option and select ‘Make it possible for offline’. And zoom in to the part of the map you want to download, select ‘right’ option.
Connect the phone to the PC with the photo transfer
The photos can be connected to the PC for faster transfers. Connect the phone to PC USB port for faster photo transfer. Then click on the Internal Storage folder in the file browser. There you will find the folder named ‘DCIM’, where all the pictures of the Android phone will be available. From here you can quickly transfer photos to the PC.
Automatically backup images
You can automatically backup the pictures on your Android phone. The easiest way to do this thing is to ‘Google Plus’. All you have to do is open the Google Plus App and go to settings and turn on the ‘Instant Photo Upload’ option. From now on, all your photos will be backed up.
Use app for remote wipe
There is no remote Wipe feature on Android phones. So if your phone is lost, your personal information may be in the hands of another person. To protect from this problem, use the Remote Wipe third party app. With this type of app you can easily delete all lost data on the phone. Time Magazine has suggested to download ‘Android Lost’ or ‘Sirburas’ as a Remote Wipe App. Apps have the opportunity to use as a trial version.
Take the opportunity to refinance
After 15 minutes of any app purchase, check the app. If you understand this 15 minutes, the app is not able to meet your needs; Then you can return the app and use the Google Play Refund feature to get back the money used to buy the app. For that you have to go back to the page that you want to get the value of the app from Google Play. There you will find an option named Refund. By clicking on the option, the application will be uninstalled on your phone and the refund will be used.


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