Which social media platform would be best for your business?

In today’s world, social media has become a great marketing platform.  If you want to market your product to the right target, then social media channel will be best for you, then let us know which social media platform will be better for your business?  First of all you need to know about your audience.

Best Social Media Platfrom For Your  business
Best Social Media Platfrom For Your business

Who is your audience?

 Most people continue to use these platforms on social media sites or apps to stay connected with their friends, family, fans, etc.  On this you will get millions of people, now you have to make your audience in this.  For this, according to your product, you have to see which people will be our target?  If you want to target the businessman, then you have to target the business related people.  You will find groups of audiences like fashion, technology, students, marketers on these social media channels.

Communication methods

 There are three basic methods for marketing on the social media platform so that you can keep your talk to your audience.  Come, what are the ways?

 Text: – This is the easiest way for marketing, so that you can reach your audience online by marketing your product in text form.  For this, you can update the status on tweet or facebook on twitter.

 Images: – Photograph your product and upload it online on facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest.  This method is most commonly used, because customers understand your product better.  Nowadays infographic is being used a lot.

 Videos: – If you want to explain your product through video, then you can upload the video on youtube, facebook.  Now live telecast facility is also available on these platforms.

 Let us now know all those social media platforms which can prove to be much better for your business.


 Twitter is the best platform for product marketing.  Its biggest feature is that on this you can target your competitor well.  You can market your product worldwide through twitter.  Most of the big companies overcome all the problems of the customer by this.  If you want, you can use twitter as a customer care contact.  Recently, when Jio’s customer care number started receiving all the calls together, he could not pick up everyone’s calls, then Jio decided to remove all the customer’s problems from the twitter itself.  You can tweet anything over 140 characters on it.

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 Facebook is the most popular social media platform, it has the largest audience network.  If you are in the initial phase of your business, Facebook will be the best platform for you.  You can post text, images, videos, links etc. on it.  On Facebook, you will also get the feature of live telecast, so that you can broadcast live telecast of your event, product launch to your audience.


 When it comes to social media mobile apps, Instagram is the most popular platform.  It can be marketed through images, videos and stories.  Only one minute of video can be uploaded to Instagram.  It is the best platform for marketing food, art, travels, fashion, photography etc.  It has more user youth.  The editor and filters of Instagram are so unique that the photos uploaded on it look very good.


LinkedIn is a professional social media platform.  On this you will find experts like most businessmen, CEO, Founder, Manager etc.  If you want, you can list your business on this too.  Here you will find experts who can help you a lot in your business growth.  If you need an employee for your business team, then you will also get a lot of employees on LinkedIn.


 YouTube is the largest video sharing network in the world. If you want to market your product through video, then this platform may be the best for you.  Sometimes it happens that the product has reached the customer, but they do not know how to use it, in such a situation, the company uploads the video of using the product on YouTube.  Some people also upload a product review video on YouTube, after which customers buy that product.


Pinterest is also a social media platform on which you can reach your product visually to your audience.  On Pinterest, you have to make a board according to your product category, then you can pin the product image on that board through your website.  A board can be pinned to any product you like.  When a user clicks on your product image on Pinterest, he will go directly to your website.

 If you have listed your business on social media, then keep it updated regularly and at the same time keep reviewing your customer, this will keep the customer and business relationship very good.  Keep in mind one thing and such people are also found on social media who are engaged in demolishing your company image.  They leave unwanted comments on your post, which can cause you a lot of damage.  Such people always have to take care, if you do not explain them, then block them.

 Friends, hope that this post of ours can be very beneficial for you and your business.  If any question is arising in your mind then you can comment down.  If you liked this post, please do share it


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