Best Microphone For Youtubers

What is the importance of sound quality in the video or the person who creates a video can understand

If you are thinking of taking a microphone if you are thinking of taking a microphone in the video, then it is a great thing because the video will not be good if the sound of the sound is good, then the people who want to tell you will not be able to hear it. And when they do not listen then they will not understand.If you create very good content in the form of videos, give very good information but if your voice is not good at that, if the voice does not come clear or if it comes less then that video is useless for audiences because when The audience will not listen clearly, then they will not see the video because if they are not heard they will not even understand and will not understand. It is useless to see that video is to waste its time.So if you make a video or any person makes a video, then in such a situation he should try that he has a good microphone so that at least the sound quality of the video is very good so that whatever you are telling the audience is Clearly crystal clear and loudly listen.

In this article, I am going to tell you about a microphone used by which if you make your YouTube video, then you will get great sound quality.

Earlier I used to use the earphone headphone for recording, but it did not sound as good quality as it did not have noise cancellation i.e. what other sounds than what you say comes also which is for a video creator not good

So first of all it is important to understand what a microphone should be for a video creator, i.e. what microphone it should take

Features of a microphone that you must know before buying

  • The first thing Mike could record the voice to Loudley is that the sound that should be recorded is with the quality
  • Microphone should have a feature of noise cancellation, that is, when you make a recording, the main sound you have is a clearely record, and the sound that comes out of it will be removed from the recording or reduced.
  • Microphone 3.5mm jacks so that they also support in your computer mobile and DSLR. The best advantage of this is that you can use a mic to record with all your kind of device.
  • The microphone wire should be a little longer so that when you are recording from a distance i.e. your mobile is somewhere else on the tripod or your DSLR is somewhere on the tripod and you are sitting apart or sitting down If there is a distance, then you can easily record and your voice becomes clear.

So the above mentioned features will help you understand what kind of mic you should take and what features should be in it

Which microphone best for youtube video?

Well there are so many microphone that you can use, but the good mike, the cost is very high and it is not possible to make that much money for a new YouTuber that means it is difficult to buy and I think it is not good to trap more money. That is because there is not enough to earn a YouTuber in the beginning.

Here I’m going to tell you about the mic that I use myself and you can use it too

This is a cheap and very good microphone that you can use to bring good quality of sound in your video, as well as you can use it in your computer, mobile and DSLR.

The cheap and good Mike Boya by M1 for YouTube will cater for all your needs and will make the voice quality better in your video so that your audience will get a better voice quality.

If you talk about the price, its value will be around Flatcart and Amazon, from about 949 to 1000 rupees.

How to record with BOYA BY-M1

It is very easy to record from this microphone, just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • To record the first thing you need to get this microphone from the device
  • If you want to record voice from the camera or computer and laptop then set the settings on the microphone in camera mode if you want to record from smartphone then set it in smartphone mode
  • Then put this mic on the collar
  • Now click on the record button in your device
  • After clicking, the voice will start recording.

Hopefully you’ve got a cheap and good mic to create your own YouTube video. If you like this information, please share it with your friends. Make sure you comment on how this mic voice quality is sounded.


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