7 important foods for pregnant mothers

7 important foods for pregnant mothers

When everyone in the family is busy taking care of the pregnant mother, the first and foremost thought is what to feed the mother? It is not possible to feed all types of food during pregnancy or when the baby is in the mother’s womb.

Some foods are harmful to the body of both the baby and the mother while some foods help to provide moderate nutrition to their body.

6 foods that are beneficial for pregnant mothers


Eating eggs during pregnancy and soup during fever seems to be the most difficult task in the world. Many people want to avoid eating eggs at this time due to morning sickness, nausea etc.

Eggs are usually a source of low-calorie, high-protein and other important nutrients. During pregnancy it provides omega-3 fatty acids called DHA which eggs contribute significantly to the formation of the brain and eyes of the unborn baby.

Dairy food

It is important to include calcium in the diet of pregnant mothers. It is possible to get a lot of calcium from milk and dairy foods. In addition, vitamin D, vitamin A and protein present in dairy foods play an effective role in the physical growth of the newborn.


It is important to include calcium as well as vitamin A in the diet of mothers during pregnancy. It helps in proper formation of newborn skin, eyes, teeth and bones. Vitamin-C and Vitamin-B present in carrots also protect you from constipation during pregnancy.


Mango, which is rich in potassium, vitamin-A and vitamin-C, helps maintain the mother’s immunity and blood pressure during pregnancy. Mango also plays an important role in keeping the digestive system of mothers normal and reducing morning sickness.


Surprisingly, popcorn contributes to the health of pregnant mothers. Popcorn contains a lot of salt and butter. The dietary fiber, vitamin E, selenium and some anti-oxidant elements present in it help in the formation of the cell wall of the unborn baby.


There is a tendency to eat fried burns after a while during pregnancy or gestation. Pregnant mothers can eat nuts without eating harmful fried burns. The minerals, magnesium, iron, copper, selenium and zinc present in nuts keep the mineral levels of the pregnant mother and the unborn baby right, as well as the fat of omega-3 helps in the development of the baby’s brain.


Spinach contains almost all types of nutrients that are beneficial for pregnant mothers; Vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, iron, folic acid and high levels of antioxidants protect the baby from various deadly diseases later on.

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