6 home remedies for depression

6 home remedies for depression

Depression can be considered as a type of mental illness that is progressing and can be treated in time. Many of us think, “If there’s a problem or something bad, we’ll just get frustrated, that’s normal.” But is that really the case?

Let’s know about some home remedies for depression.

Ways to overcome frustration

1. Eating

There is no ideal diet to reduce depression. But at this time you have to eat whatever you like to eat. May not want to eat due to frustration. So try to eat your favorite food. Better if the food is healthy.

2. Exercise

When we exercise, our body secretes a hormone called endorphins which helps us to get rid of depression.

3. Get enough sleep

Many people can’t sleep properly when they are depressed. But if we get enough sleep, our body can continue its normal activities which helps us to get rid of depression.

4. Set goals

Usually we get frustrated when our goals are not met. So don’t sit around saying that. Set new goals and try to meet them. If that doesn’t work, set one more goal. Don’t give up.

5. Drink green tea

Medicinal tea like green tea, chamomile tea etc. helps us to keep our mood good. You can also eat a lot of other foods that will help you overcome depression.

. Meditation

Although it is not very common in Bangladesh, it is possible to overcome many big mental problems through meditation. Give it a try. Hope you will benefit.

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